Is your family getting the best care?

3 Months ago my brother who was in the peak of health and only 56 years old, had a stroke. What kind of care did he get?

It was devastating for us. He lives alone in Jamaica, and we live in other countries. How could we be sure that he is getting good care in a nursing home if we are not there all the time?

After all, we have all heard the horror stories about nursing homes, hospitals and other short to long care situations. We were afraid of just “dumping” my brother into a nursing home.

We ended up meeting many people who had stroke patients in nursing home in Jamaica and other countries, and they all had the same problems.

You have to work so you can pay for medical and/or nursing home care for your loved ones. So you do not have time to check in our their family often enough.

  • You don’t know if your family member is getting good care.
  • You don’t know the progress of your loved ones.
  • And they don’t know what their loved one needs (medications, clothes, diapers, special foods, etc).

Wouldn't you wish that...

  • Someone would check in for you?
  • You could get regular photo or video updates?
  • You could be sure your family has everything they need?
  • They have a regular friend and advocate?

Every second wasted without this valuable service, means your loved one is suffering more than needed.

Let’s talk about how we can help you with a free consultation. Our advocates are less expensive than you think!

There are dozens of services online that will send a text or call, but barely anyone who does real life checkups. We are that company. Get a person that can go to checkup on your loved ones, and update you.

It's In Real Life

It's not just a text check-up. We provide real life people who will go to the physical location of your loved one and report back to you.

Photo & Video Updates

Receive photo and video updates no matter where in the world you are. Your chosen check up person will send them to you.

We are a friend.

We are the advocate and friends of your loved ones. We make sure that we not only just check up on them, but make them feel cared for.We make sure they get everything they need, from supplies to care.

Keep your entire family in the loop about the health and well being of you or your loved ones in short or long term care facilities in Kingston & St. Andrew.